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Culminating Project:

Geometric Artistic Movement: Murals Reflecting Student Culture

Below is the compilation of a project based unit connecting geometry with art in which students explore geometric shapes, lines, patterns, and other concepts and connected them with recognizing them in real-world relationships. The students captured geometric images and patterns with digital photography, participated in web quests on symmetry and congruence, applied foreign language into context by translating a Spanish story into English using Google Translator and responded to it by writing an alternative story ending. Students studied the style of famous artists such as De Stijl, Picasso, and Kandinsky, and used shapes and colors and used their imagination to create their own artistic expressions. In addition, students saw the same object through a different lens and participated in 21st century learning techniques.

The following are samples of the student's work reflecting their understanding of finding shapes and lines in the world. These samples were obtained through digital photography and transferred to their files. In other cases, students found patterns of geometric shapes through an online search and placed these examples in their portfolio. In the symmetry samples, students created their work using various software. Students translated the Spanish story of The New King and wrote an ending to the story of the shape who should be king. Finally, students studied various artists and using shapes and color created the samples shown here.

Some students took the same photo of the same object; but, originality was shown because the perspective of the photo differs by concentrating on various parts and different magnifications. Students were asked to define art and, in summary, they responded art is expression; it is the world around us; it comes from the heart and to who that you want people to see the beauty of everyone and everything; it is passion; it is beauty; it is cool; it is fun; an outpouring of emotion expressed through colors, pictures, and patterns; it is creative; it makes you feel; it is what you feel; it is something drawn from experience; it is what you think; it is an image of people’s thoughts. From many of these perspectives, students saw that art was part of them and who they are. Art is part of their culture and reflects the thoughts and feelings of many. In defining what their culture of learning is, students highlight variety, hands-on, stimulating, active, creative, and positive experiences. In connecting art with their lives, students were asked how they view their lives. The majority of students said they were busy and multitasking. These concepts are reflected in this project.