How does Art illustrate the culture of learning?

May 10
Sister Geralyn visited McDevitt High School for the final presentation of the prezi. She was amazed to see how the students finalized their project. You can see what they did here:

The student's Teaser:

The student's Final Project:

April 16
1. starts with a picture of the front of the school building
2. continues with a banner of "the road starts here"
3. picture of the main office
4. picture of the attendance office
5. picture of the students attending mass
pictures include: communion, choir, and band
music from the choir will begin to play at the mass slide and will continue for the rest of the prezi
6. picture of students attending an English class
this slide is used to show forms of communication
shows writings/history
7. picture of students attending an Art class
this is used to show how the students express themselves through physical aspects(displays)
8. picture of students attending a Science class
expresses a type of foundation
9. picture of students attending a Math class
understanding of principles
10. picture of students at a Business and Technology class
this slide will show how applications, innovation and new ideas enter the classroom
shows cooperation/team building
problem solving/critical thinking
11. the last slide will be a picture of another banner of "Tradition never graduates"

March 29
The conversation in today's class was about what type of images the students could create:
Chapel -- An assembly of students -- Friends walking in the hall together -- Friends sleeping in study hall -- Track team -- Pro life club -- NHS -- Student/teacher bonding -- Faculty bonding -- People yelling at lunch -- Student section in sports gathering -- Language classes -- Trophy case -- Banners in gym -- Freshmen sharing lockers -- Sean and Matt competition -- Tutoring == Library helping -- Freshmen senior bonding -- Bookstore -- students laughing -- ^5 -- group products -- football huddle -- students conversations in hallways -- mass -- facebook page -- texting with others -- holding hands -- chest bumping/thumping -- sitting in administration offices -- tutoring -- Mr. Minney's cronnies -- Joshua group -- Peer counseling -- van -- Ms. Nissley -- after school programs \

We then conversed about phrases to use in our prezi's
Tradition Never Graduates -- Family Forever -- Community Forever -- catholic -- Catholic -- Church -- Fullfilling promises -- Moralizing lives of Holiness --

Meaning of the Cross: horizontal bar -- our relationship with others; vertical bar - our relationship with God

My next weekting with the class will be on April 16th.

March 26
The conversation in today's class was amazing!! According to the posts that the students added to this page, they saw a culture of learning lies in the relationship they have with their peers and with the teachers and staff. So to increse the culture of learning is to deepen the ties of relationship.

Sister Geralyn and the class began to brainstorm symbols that show relationships between and among people. The following was discussed: family tree, tree of life, rings, interlocking circles, people's faces, the American flag, the heart.

In order for a relationship to be established, TRUST has be to be present.

There were three colors that was in common according to the posts: red, blue, and green.

The students were asked, "What symbol above is the most meaningful?" They asnwered, "people!"

One of the students declared that without a relationship with others, true learning can never been achieved. SO ... the essential subquestion, at least for these students is: How can art illustrate relationships?
We began then brainstorming what modality our project could take place. I suggested a prezi. The students heard of them but never did one before. I told them that I would give them a digital camera on Thursday, March 29, to record pictures that illustrate relationships. Until then, they should be aware of images around the school that describe relationships.

What words/images did you see as you prepare to take pictures?

March 21
Sister Geralyn went to class today to conduct a discussion about our essential question above. We discussed some of what Sister Geralyn called "sub-questions". And this is what Sister Geralyn would like all of you to define in your OWN WORDS:
  1. How do I define or "own" art.
  2. If art is an expression of emotion, what color (pick ONLY one) best describes art?
  3. Would you agree (why or why not) the culture of McD is "family-like", "friendly", "diverse" and "spirital". Each of these should be a separate discussion and Sister would like to you site SPECIFIC EXAMPLES.

Sister will meet again on Monday, March 26 and Wednesday, March 28th. See you there!

March 9,2012
Sister Geralyn went to visit the students of Bishop McDevitt's Graphic Design Class to work on the essentail question above.

We talked about he Key words of the question: Art, Culture and Learning.

Art -- The Embodiment of Feeling through colors, patterns, 3D art, sculptures, music, car design, dance, literature, poetry, body art, people faces.

Culture -- We looked up the definition of Culture in WIkipedia and focused on the three bullet points below:
  • Excellence of taste in fine arts and humanities, also known as high culture
  • An integrated pattern of human knowledge, belief, and behavior that depends upon the capacity for symbolic thought and social learning
  • The set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution, organization, or group

After talking about what #2 and #3 is actually saying, the students agreed that #2 and #3 are tied together in an important way.

Learning -- Was defined as knowledge presented to an individual. That individual digesting that knowledge and making it theirs.

The students all agreed that the culture or environment of a classroom totally affects the ability for students to learn.

The students were given the following assignment:

They had to become members of this wiki and then define ART, CULTURE and LEARNING according to their own definition. This had to be done before Sister Geralyn came back to McDevitt on March 21st.